We always have a ridiculously good time making photos together. We will giggle. Even your husband will have fun. And once we start photographing together I tend to become one of your ampersands. We build a whole world of joy in pictures for you to hold on to.

The wonderful people you see in the photos here have invited me into their lives for years and years. We've been together since they got their first puppy and he popped the question... all the way through running off to get married and now first baths and first steps and first words. Suddenly the girls are growing so fast and teaching little brothers how to say 'Auntie Peeege’. It melts my heart.

We know that while sometimes we photograph for big occasions, we also get together and make pictures because it's Tuesday and everyone is growing so quickly and we want to add another volume to the shelf of books. Those books are what we'll show them to remind them how tiny they were and how close we held them, how much fun it was to build forts out of blankets, how he used to follow grandma everywhere, and how, even when she's so grown up... she will always, always be your little girl.