It's all about who we are together. And it's hard to remember when you weren't an us, isn't it? He held your hand and that was it. The two of you were an and. An ampersand for life.

And now it's happy chaos and giggly messes and somewhere in between there's rest with the most precious children you've ever laid eyes on nestled in your arms. How in the world did we all get so blessed?

I've been helping families capture the story of their ampersands since 2004 and oh the adventures we've had. From weddings in Florence to picnics in Telluride and chasing waves on the playa. It's never the big fancy things, it always the little tiny nudges and kisses. That's what we all hold dear... and keep coming back to.

New York Family Photographer Paige McAfee


Splashing in the tub. Running through the grass. Tickling little bellies. Simple things are what we hold onto. These little snippets stay with us forever like the chirp of her giggle and the smell of his hair.

Print them in a picture. Put them in a book. Hold in them in your hand. Keep them in your heart.

I can help.


I vividly remember the first time my husband wrapped his fingers through mine and I knew I was home. For good. And I call dibs on nap time snuggles during visits with my toddler nephew months before I get there. Love is like that.


New York Family Photographer Paige McAfee